Stanley Scooters most Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a license to operate a scooter? Yes. For Scooters under 50ccs, a regular operators license is required. For Scooters over 50cc’s, a valid Motorcycle license is required.

Do I need a helmet? Although Maine law does not require helmets, they are strongly recommended to promote safety.

How old do I have to be to operate a scooter? Operators must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license.

Do I need a registration? Yes. Please visit www.maine.gov for more details.

Do I need a title? Only scooters over 300cc engine size require a title.

Do I need a yearly state inspection? Yes. Maine State Law now requires a visible state inspection and it must be visible on the license plate. Please visit www.maine.gov for more information.

Do I need insurance? Yes. Scooters must meet the state minimum insurance requirements, just like automobiles. Talk to your insurance agent for details.

What type of gas and oil do scooters require? Scooters REQUIRE Premium (minimum octane rating of 95) unleaded gasoline. Scooters also REQUIRE synthetic motor oil, (5W40). See your owner’s manual for more details. See “Maintenance Schedule” below for oil change intervals.

What is the proper tire pressure for my scooter? 30psi for single rider, 40psi for 2 riders.

What size fuel tank do scooters have? It depends on the brand and model, but they range from 1-3 gallons on average.

What is the range of travel on one tank of gas? 100+ miles, depending on size of gas tank.

Do you offer financing? Yes! Scooters can be financed through one of threeour local credit unions. Terms and rate determined by lender. Subject to lender approval. Any other finance questions can be answered by our Business Manager by calling (888) 461-3367.

What are my winter storage options? We can perform all of the winterization requirements for you here at our Service Center, or you can follow the list above yourself. We store scooters here! We have dry, secure storage containers that can hold many scooters. Call our Service Department (888) 461-3367 for winter storage details and pricing.