Vespa 946


Introducing the Vespa 946


After more than eighteen million vehicles on all world’s roads, Vespa become a legend and now unveils its future. It does this by referring directly to its founder, the MP6 prototype, born in the spring of 1946, the most famous scooter in the world, and unsurpassed icon of Italian style and creativity.

Created to mobilize a nation, Vespa took the entire world into a higher gear. An on-going epic of pleasure and freedom to travel, in unmistakable style, down any road in the world.

History and Heritage

A few brilliant pen-strokes generated one of the symbols of Italian creativity and launched a never-ending story of extraordinary success. Recognizing the future by returning to one’s roots is a gift only few possess.

Again Vespa is able to anticipate the times projecting itself into a future marked by the style and technology at the service of a higher quality of life. Like the MP6 prototype from which it takes its inspiration, Vespa 946 seems to have been generated directly from aeronautics and the leading technology of its time.

A dynamic model for the start of a new age. The legendary Vespa line has gone down in the history of design.



Unique to the Vespa 946 and the 2013 Fashion Collection:

  • New body color
  • New saddle & handlebar grips finishing
  • New lateral aluminum round plate customization

Yearly Fashion Collection

The customer will be introduced to the “Vespa 946 world” with a unique gift that consists of an elegant black case containing a paperweight in the shape of a stylised Vespa 946. This is genuine design object in chrome plated metal, on a base etched with Vespa 946 logos.


The customer will also receive a “Delivery gift” that will be shipped with the vehicle in a separate wooden box and given to the customer by Stanley Scooters during the “Delivery Ceremony”.

The “Delivery gift” box includes:

-The aluminum round plate with the Name“Ricordo Italiano” & the year collection (that will be fixed on the vehicle by Stanley Scooters)

-The Vespa 946 “Log Book” -Maintenance and user manual -Warranty certificate






2013 Vespa 946 Collection


Vehicle color: Shiny Black

Saddle color: Grey

Handlebar grips color: Grey


Vehicle color: Montebianco White 

Saddle color: Red

Handlebar grips color: Red

See Full Specifications here.











Style and Uniqueness

The essentiality of the design endows even the most impersonal function with style and individuality.

Vespa 946 is a pure expression of a style in the minds of millions of travellers and devotees, with freedom of movement and expression.

A far-sighted projection of sustainable mobility, whose form and substance crystallize the fundamental aesthetic and dynamic values of the history of the two-wheeler.
The legendary Vespa shape has gone down in the history of design.

Today 946 re-affirms Vespa legend. It enhances the classical values of tradition: the shape of the handlebar, the proportions of the fairing, the plunging curves of the saddle all come from the earliest drawings. Every detail reflects a choice and a reference to Italian-style production.

A craftsman’s approach in a futuristic dimension.

946 performs all values of style and elegance derived from the nobility of its origins, 946 expresses the maximum possible value in the world and projects Vespa scooter in the elite of luxury brands.



Luxury is realizing a more ambitious and fascinating dream every day.

Product Description

Distilling all the distinctive characteristic features of the style and of the Vespa models, evolved over decades of history of success, and thrown forward, 946 is born. This project is the progenitor of next Vespa generations, carrying the legacy of an Italian success tradition.

946 represents the best of Italian way in style, craftsmanship, technology and quality production. 

946 is an important step forward not only in terms of brand image, product, and style, but also in terms of innovation, production processes and craftsman realization. 

Vespa now sees the birth of a completely new vehicle, after the “small body“, current LX and S series, and “large body“, represented by GTS and GTV. While referring to the classical canons, 946 stops the constant evolution of design in a sort of fascinating “back to the future.“ 

Vespa 946 distills and condenses in itself the most famous characteristics of the various Vespa families. 

In total fidelity to the original idea, 946 adopts the structure, unique in its kind, made of steel, but for the first time in its history is enriched by aluminum elements. The result is a unique achievement, since its first appearance, a special place in the magnificent history of Vespa.

Design and Details:

Pure design, a shape that reproduces the first Vespa prototype MP6 in a modern and futuristic way. The lateral parts shaped like the typical «omega» and the exclusive seat emphasize the classical Vespa design. 946 is a vehicle with a unique and exclusive image.


946 is the best equipped and technological Vespa ever. Aluminum elements, full LED lights, full digital instrument panel and hi-tech production processes, make Vespa 946 a unique vehicle.


Craftsmanship and made in Italy make 946 more unique and more precious than any other vehicle.

The groundbreaking design, the steel frame assembly by up to 320 welding point, the richness of aluminum elements will keep 946 a timeless jewel.


946 enhances Vespa natural attitude for urban use by providing the highest safety level guaranteed by the braking system with ABS & ASR, high power lighting system and by 12” wheels.









Vespa946 Accessories

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